Wendy (speak_up_dearx3) wrote in zuicidal,

old pictures

just wondering if anyone has any really old pictures of Zui .. ?

zui awaymessage "call from texas fan made me feel betterNo extensions for a while...I gained 16 poundsConstantly drinking mcdonalds sweet teaNew job...I bought a company..I'm the owner/bossMeetings with lawyers/accountantsMy mom left...she may never come back she won't talk to meHarassment online has caused me to reflect and realize what's really importantHelping my father with bills and groceries New cell phone dec 4thProboly gettin ride of the sidekickChristmas shopping might be easy this yearMay I'm getting my half sleeveAnd backseam tattoosJohn and i's plan to get an apartment more northern va within 2 monthsThankfully ill have enough money by then..thanks to the new company.Getting savings account for john and ISeparate savings account for someone elseTransfering my car title from my mom being the cosigner to just meEstablish creditThanksgiving will be lonely without my mom"

im sure were all happy shes feeling better. im just wondering .. and this could be a longshot but it just made me think, 'Separate savings account for someone else' .. could zui be pregnate? that would be so cute. sorry if this pisses anyone off or anything..
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