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Maybe some of you are in this list... that's why i posted this.... so here's a message from he blog :

Sunday, December 31, 2006


fan mail and gifts.. thank yous!


I want to thank the following people for sending me cute little christmas cards, fan mail, notes, and gifts!

you guys are the sweetest!

Sarah ! in Australia

Megan in Ca

Jessica Louis of jessica louis clothing

Brittni abbott

Allison from conneticut

kayla from Floria!

LJ ecksohhh  Jill <3

arbonne international

steve from dead issues clothing

amethyst from maryland


mikayla (buffywillow2131) I loved the drawling! thank you

jay from everett WA

kelly from alamogordo NM

lindsey from oregon

tim davis of mmj video productions

and whitney from henderson NV!!!!!!


if I missed anyone Im so so so sorry I know I have some more stuff in the po box

Ill check it after the holidays!



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